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Market Information

Clean and Sustainable Mobility in China: Bright Prospects

As the rest of the world, China has started developing electric vehicles to achieve the main goals like energy savings, low emissions and to guarantee a sustainable development of the automobile industry.

By 2012, electric vehicles are expected to share up to 5% of Chinas automobile market, by exceeding 900,000 units. Until 2015, 10% of the entire car production will issue with electric passenger vehicles and they will amount to 20%, which is more or less about 10 million units, of Chinas total car production by 2020.

Relevant statistics indicate that over the next decade, the Chinese government will be investing hundreds of billions RMB to support the research and development as well as promotion of electric vehicles. It will also focus on breaking through battery-powered, motor-driven and electronically-controlled core technologies to promote the industrialization of new energy vehicles.

According to the 2010 "12th Five-Year Plan" by the National Development and Reform Commission, the future development of China’s automotive industry will advance towards miniaturization and electrification. The future of the domestic automotive industry will inevitably enter a period of rapid growth with new energy vehicles, especially electric ones, being a lucrative sector.

China Future Renewable Energy Development Targets

2006 Actual
2009 Actual
2020 Current /
Proposed Target
Hydro power
130 GW
197 GW
300 GW
Wind power
2.6 GW
25.8 GW
30 GW /150 GW
Biomass power
2 GW
3.2 GW
30 GW
Solar PV
0.08 GW
0.4 GW
1.8 GW / 20 GW
Solar hot water
100 million m2
190 million m2
300 million m2
1 million tons
2 million tons
10 million tons
0.05 million tons
2 million tons
Biomass pellets
~ 0
50 million tons
Biogas and biomass gassification
8 billion m3/year
44 billion m3/year
Renewable energy share of final energy consumption
Martinot and Li; NDRC 2007


"Renewable energy resource is rich, clean and sustainable. Therefore, it is an indispensable measure to deal with the increasingly serious issues of energy and environment as well as ensure sustainable development of human society by accelerating the use and development of renewable energy.

China attaches great importance to the utilization and development of renewable energy and regards it as one of the most important instruments to promote socio-economic development."

Mr. Hu Jintao, President of China

2005 Beijing International Renewable Energy Conference